Our area has a long track record in delivering cutting edge solutions in the nuclear sector – but local companies also deliver in the oil & gas and renewables sectors. As the area economy broadens and diversifies away from its reliance upon Dounreay-related work, the partners in CNSRP will focus support efforts on key sectors such as marine renewables and oil & gas.

HIE, Highland Council (through Highland Opportunity Ltd and Business Gateway), the NDA – through its socio-economic fund and the North Highland Regeneration Fund – will each have a role in supporting existing local companies to grow.

HIE’s account-managed companies will be supported to grow, and Business Gateway will work with HIE to ensure that a “pipeline” of companies with growth potential is available in key energy sectors such as marine renewables and oil & gas. Financial and advisory support to non account-managed companies and new business start-up companies will be available through Business Gateway, Highland Opportunity Ltd and the North Highland Regeneration Fund.

Opportunities also exist to bring new energy-related companies into the area. HIE commissioned a series of research studies on specific energy sector opportunities within marine/ offshore renewables and oil & gas. These identified market opportunities, and HIE now works with Scottish Development International to follow up individual target companies with specific proposition materials on the area and its assets.

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