Connectivity - Caithness and North Sutherland Regeneration Partnership

Key Enabling Activity - Connectivity

This subject is an essential cornerstone for all existing and future modern businesses and covers all forms of communications, physical and electronic. There are a number of areas that CNSRP believes are essential and need improvement.

  • Lead – Transport Scotland
  • Removal of the tight hairpin and routing the road around the back of the cemetery
Planned start Spring 2019
Planned completion    2020


  • Lead – Highland Council
  • Replacement of the half mile stretch of “floating” road across the blanket peat bog
Completed 2018

  • Lead – Caithness Transport Forum
  • Improve the scheduled flight schedule to Edinburgh and other destinations
  • Caithness Chamber of Commerce is investigating a Public Service Obligation (PSO) for a scheduled service.

  • Lead – tbd
  • Improving the rail freight service to/from the area
Planned start
Planned completion

  • Lead – tbd
  • Improving the 4G and 5G services across the entire area
  • This is a lobbying function