Wick Harbour - Caithness and North Sutherland Regeneration Partnership

Wick Harbour along with offshore wind developers will be creating the infrastructure to support the CNSRP opportunities in offshore wind energy.

Key Enabling Activity - Infrastructure – Wick Harbour

Strategic geographical location to support the identified Major Projects and Markets

Wick Harbour

Offshore wind

  • BOWL Offshore Wind Farm
  • MORL Offshore Wind Farm

  • Cargo
  • Oil and Gas support
  • Tourism (Marina)

  • This opportunity is being monitored for the present because the industry is still forming views on what shape this will take. However, it is a ~£70bn opportunity
  • Likely to start in Southern North Sea

Infrastructure potentially associated with oil and gas onshore decommissioning

Facility Description Timescale – Operation Timescale – Investment
1 Inner Harbour Developing the inner harbour and the old adjacent warehouses to support the BOWL O&M base 2
2 Outer Harbour Proposal to develop the outer harbour as a safe haven by the installation of a High Water Protection Gate to support the potential MORL O&M Base 4 2
3 Shaltigoe Development Developing additional quay space tbd tbd
4 Dunbar Development Developing additional quay space tbd tbd